Livingstonia Synod rejects abortion, same sex marriages


The CCAP Livingstonia Synod says abortion and same sex marriages have no place in its churches as they are not allowed by God.

Moderator of the Synod Reverend Levi Nyondo was speaking on Sunday at St Andrews Church in Mzuzu.

Nyondo went ahead issuing a warning to medical practitioners working under the synod not to carry out any abortion. He said those found offering abortion services will face disciplinary action.

Nyondo then appealed to Members of Parliament in the August House to shoot down the abortion bill which will be presented as a private member’s bill.

He said Parliamentarians should use open voting when voting for the bill so that Malawians should know the MPs who will vote for the bill.

In Malawi, abortion is illegal but there are exceptions for circumstances in which the pregnancy poses a threat to the life to the pregnant girl or woman. It is also permitted in situations where the woman or girl has a medical condition and where the pregnancy is a result of rape or defilement.

Health activists, however, argue that girls and women who want to terminate pregnancy under conditions permitted by the law are sometimes turned away hence the need to enact the proposed Termination of Pregnancy law.