Religious bodies gang up against proposed abortion law


Religious organisations representing Muslims and Christians have asked Members of Parliament to reject the abortion bill.

The organisations include the Episcopal Conference of Malawi (ECM), Malawi Council of Churches (MCC), Evangelical Association of Malawi (EAM), Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) and Qudria Muslim Association of Malawi (QMAM).

Addressing members of the press on Monday, Archbishop Thomas Msusa said they have noted that the said bill is again being resurrected for consideration by the House through the parliamentary committee on health with pressure from some non-governmental organizations.

Msusa also noted that they have observed that there is an increase in activism through the media towards the legalisation of abortion in the country lately and this activism has also targeted parliamentarians who are now under pressure to amend the law.

According to Msusa, the proposed amendment does not protect the life of unborn child. He said the current law protects both the child and mother and that is why religious bodies wants the proposed law to be rejected.

“We, the religious mother bodies in the country would like to reiterate our position that we celebrate, protect and defend life and the dignity of the human person and we call for collective voice to all Malawians to stand up for the life of all people, including the unborn child.

“Human life is a fundamental value because God created human beings in his own image and likeness, male and female he created them (Gen. 1:27).

“The Islamic faith on the other hand believes that Allah created mankind for a purpose, indeed, I will make upon the earth a successive authority, (Qur’an 2:30). Human life, irrespective of any religious focus, has a value in itself and for itself and is the foundation on which any other human value can develop,” said Msusa.

He disclosed that as religious bodies they are appealing to different stakeholders in the country to make sure the bill is rejected in parliament.

“We appeal to our members of Parliament that they should reject any proposal to amend the current laws on abortion as they adequately protect both the mother and the unborn child. We also appeal to faith leaders, traditional leaders and citizens in all 193 Constituencies in this country that they should petition their members of Parliament not to side with the genocide of unborn babies in our country through the enactment of this abortion bill,” he said.

He further appealed to all Malawians in general to acknowledge the plight women and girls face with pregnancies and child birth and join to ease their suffering and trauma during their pregnancy period and child upbringing

The religious bodies then warned the Tonse Alliance Government not to support the bill which they said will legislate the killing of innocent unborn children.

Members of Parliament are expected to debate the abortion bill in parliament. This is the second time the proposed bill is being planned to be presented in parliament.

A similar one was discontinued on 6th December 2016 following Nationwide protests by citizen in the country.