Chakwera fails to trim convoy


President Lazarus Chakwera has failed to fulfill his promise to reduce his convoy to 10 vehicles.

The Malawi leader while heading to Blantyre, used a total of 20 vehicles on his convoy.  A video shared on social media shows that the vehicles included 12 which were carrying security officers. There was also a motor-home and an ambulance.

Last month, Chakwera promised that his convoy will have a maximum of 10 vehicles to reduce wastage of resources.

“So I have directed that vehicles on my convoy should not be more than 10 vehicles and the government should not buy new vehicles for the president,” said Chakwera.

The Malawi leader is in Blantyre to attend the funeral of Roseby Dinala, a long serving Malawi Congress Party member who died yesterday. Mai Dinala died at the age of 82 and will be buried today.

There are also concerns over the government’s failure to enforce Coronavirus prevention measures at the funeral as over 50 people attended on Wednesday morning.


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  1. I believe the President was too hasty in announcing a reduction in his convoy. His stance against corruption has infuriated many in his enemy’s camp and any decrease in his security detail could tempt his haters to execute an assassination attempt just like some fool tried to breach the White House to make a move on President Trump`s life some two days ago. I don’t mind the social media uproar this will cause, this President`s security details must never be compromised just to satisfy or make hostile minds to tone down no no no and aI hundred times no!

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