45 Malawians deported from Mozambique


Immigration authorities in Mozambique have deported 45 Malawian nationals who arrived at Mwanza border on Friday.

Mwanza border public relations officer, Inspector Pasqually Zulu said the people – 26 men, 17 women and 2 minors – were arrested late last month whilst in transit to and from rainbow country, South Africa.

The publicist added that among the group, 38 who used unchartered routes to leave the country were arrested in Inhabane whilst in transit from Malawi to South Africa which also contravenes lock down rules.

Seven of these deportees were arrested on their way back from South Africa to Malawi without proper documents and using uncharted routes.

According to Zulu, the deportees were detained in Mozambique for some days and the Malawi High Commissioner in Maputo facilitated their smooth travel back into the country

At the Mwanza border, port healthy personnel helped he group in respect to the new border formalities in the wake of the COVID-19 global healthy crisis.