Bushiri the game changer: Breaks another record

...Major 1 reveals plans to launch online Global Evangelism crusades

Shepherd Bushiri Major 1

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has added another record to his set of achievements that include his Global Prophetic Tour in 2018 that saw 3 million people receiving Jesus as Lord and Savior.

The Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church leader illustrated this week that he is an engineer of innovation to achieve his quest to “preach this Word of God to the end of the earth”.

The Malawian born prophet like any other pastor is fighting challenges posed by the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic in delivering the Gospel of Jesus Christ as countries allover the world go on lock-down that has resulted in the shutting down of several churches in order to prevent further spread of this novel pandemic.

To counter such challenges, Bushiri was one of the few pastors who launched online services during the earlier stages of Covid-19.

He launched an online church service to ensure that people from all walks of life continued to access the Gospel and all services that ECG offers albeit some of his innovations being costly to maintain.

This week he announced that his studio has been upgraded to meet the increasing traffic and demand. Immediately after launching the new studio, Major 1 as he is commonly called announced that he managed to connect over 23 million people during a midweek service held on Friday this week.

“Architecture, of all the arts, is the one which acts the most slowly, but the most surely. There are things God was working on and they seemed slow. Here we are; last night we launched another new studio and we are currently hosting 23 million people per service in all our platforms!” said Bushiri.

It is expected that the total number of people who will access today’s Sunday service will dwarf the number of people who accessed the service on Friday.

Bushiri said he is resolute in his quest to save more souls to Christ and revealed that he will be launching a global crusade that will be wholly online.

“As long as I am alive, I will preach this Word of God to the end of the earth without fear or timidity. Put us in your prayers as we are starting global evangelism online crusades soon” said Bushiri while announcing of his plans for an online crusade.

Bushiri is an iconic and charismatic religious figure in the world. He is followed by millions of people globally. He is also well known for his philanthropic services. He has supported several people in destitute in Malawi, South Africa and other parts of the world.

He founded his ministry in Malawi when he was just 16 years of age. His ECG church began its operations in 2010. Now, the church has branches allover the world.

Globally, Bushiri remains one of the most sought-after prophet and pastor and he is a leading figure in Africa with great influence.