Malawi paid K110m for ‘Statue of Liberty’ in Lilongwe


Malawi paid K110 million for a replica of the Statue of Liberty constructed in the capital, Lilongwe.

The statue was built during administration of former President Peter Mutharika.

According to seasoned journalist cum whistleblower Idriss Ali Nassah, the statue cost K110 million.

“Peter Mutharika, the former president of Malawi – who lived in America for 40 years until 2004 – wanted replica of the Statue of Liberty constructed in Lilongwe, the capital. So, at a cost of $150,000 he had this thing made,” Nassah tweeted.

Mutharika was booted out of government last month following his loss in the 2020 Fresh Presidential Elections.

Even while he was in power, Malawians questioned the reasoning behind the construction of the statue which is at the Parliament Building Roundabout.

Meanwhile, a concerned citizen has asked the Lilongwe City Council to demolish the statue saying it has no meaning yet it was erected on the presidential way in the City Centre.

“I humbly ask that this meaningless and embarrassing statue be demolished and that in future the city council should consult the people of the city before allowing anyone to erect a statue,” the citizen Caleb Kawamba wrote the council on 7 July, 2020.