Ntata takes aim at Mutharika

Legal expert Allan Ntata has mocked former President Peter Mutharika for failing to complete construction of his house in Mangochi.

Mutharika, who was elected Malawi’s president in 2014, lost the presidency in the June 23 Fresh Presidential Elections.  He left State House last weekend and moved to Chikoko Bay state residence in Mangochi.

According to reports, he is living at the government owned house because he is waiting for the completion of his retirement home in Mangochi.

During his six-year rule, Mutharika repeatedly claimed that if given a second term he would develop Malawi to the levels of Singapore.

Ntata wondered how Mutharika would have done this if he failed to complete the construction of his private residence.

“The man who claimed he would transform Malawi into Singapore in 5 years failed to finish his Mangochi house in 6 years,” wrote Ntata in a Facebook post.