Nyau terror starts


Scores of members of the Nyau cult have been seen on the prowl in the capital of Lilongwe as Malawi celebrates the ascendancy of Lazarus Chakwera to power.

In the city of Lilongwe, masked Nyau cult members have been seen moving around with Pangas forcing people to flee.

Malawians have also taken to social media to complain that they have been harassed by members of the cult.

Activist Habiba Osman posted on Twitter that she was harassed by Panga-wielding members of the cult who demanded that she pays them for her to use a public road.

“I was rescued by guards,” she wrote on Twitter.

Another Twitter account operating under the name of Blessings Kawonga also claimed that he was forced to speed away from Nyau members who were demanding money from motorists.

“They are walking in the middle of the road charging towards cars asking for money, this behaviour should not be tolerated,” he posted.

In some locations in Lilongwe such as Area 36 and Area 23, Nyau members have also been seen running around the streets while wielding Pangas.

Meanwhile, some Malawians who supported the Tonse alliance have urged security agencies to take action on the cult members.

“Police and army should arrest these on site,” suggested another person.

The Nyau cult is dominant in the stronghold of the Malawi Congress Party whose leader Lazarus Chakwera won the election. The losing Democratic Progressive Party had been accused, among others, of not taming its youth cadets who were in the forefront of attacking people.



  1. This idiot who has jus selected now in Malawi should he take an advantage with his culture and starting early harassing people for sure we will Starr shoting them.
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  2. This need to be dealt with as quickly as possible, I hope the military and police are enough to provide security to the people. Now, there’s no need for some more special agencies like the nyau or cadet or anything else….new govt help please

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