Atupele says will not accept Malawi Election results

President Peter Mutharika’s runningmate in the Fresh Presidential Elections, Atupele Muluzi, says the elections are a farce and he will not accept the outcome.

Muluzi said this in two Facebook posts on his account last night.

Malawians voted on Tuesday and unofficial results show that Malawi Congress Party (MCP) candidate Lazarus Chakwera has 2.4 million of votes while current Malawi leader, Mutharika, has amassed about 1.6 million of the 4.1 million votes counted.

Chakwera appears to be heading for a win since the winner of the elections will be required to get 50 percent plus one vote of total votes cast.

But Muluzi says the election is a farce and an attempt to unlawfully remove Mutharika from power.

“This is nothing but a coup – whoever wins must win fair and square. This election is nothing but a farce,” he wrote.

In another post, he said he will not congratulate Chakwera because, according to him, the MCP candidate has not won in a fair process.

“If Dr. Chakwera had won the election fair and square I would have congratulated him but unfortunately that is not the case. The election results that are circulating are illegitimate and I will not accept the outcome,” said Muluzi.

MEC will announce official results of the elections within eight days from Tuesday.