Vehicle on presidential convoy hit man to death

A pedestrian died on Saturday after being hit by a vehicle that was on President Peter Mutharika’s convoy in Rumphi.

The accident occurred Bwengu trading center when Mutharika was going to Rumphi Boma for a political rally.

The victim has been identified as Bernard Nyasulu.

The accident angered the surrounding community who later blocked the road waiting for the presidential convoy on its return from Rumphi.

However, Malawi Defence Force soldiers went to Bwengu and cleared the way for Mutharika to pass through.

The Saturday incident followed another one on Friday which occurred at Katoto roundabout after Mutharika’s rally in Mzuzu.

Minutes after Mutharika had left, a man was run over by a vehicle as he was trying to board the car to go back home.

Confirming the accident, the police public relations officer for the North Peter Kalaya said the man died while trying to jump in a car but unfortunately he fell down and the same car run over his body.

Kalaya said that the body of the man is still being kept at Mzuzu central hospital mortuary as the victim is yet to be identified.


One comment on “Vehicle on presidential convoy hit man to death

  1. 1 In times of demonstrations, people from the north either die or get injured. And lots of infrastructure inluding government offices get destroyed
    2 When there is a cabinet crisis like the one in 1964, northeners are the biggest losers.
    3 Introduce quota system, northeners are the most affected.
    4 Government introduces a policy for teachers to work in their region of origin, northeners cry the loudest.
    5 Government calls for walk in interviews, scores of northeners get injured.
    6 Come campaign time, northeners either die or get injured

    I can cite numerous examples but the question is, “why northeners?” We can all give different explanations to this.
    In my view, there is a problem with the mentality of the people of the North which subjects them to all these calamities. I urge social scientists including academicians, Bon Dulani and his IPOR to conduct a research in the behavior patterns of the northeners which predisposes them to major national calamities and propose recommendations for avoiding them. Otherwise, we will wake up one day only to hear that the Northern Region has been wiped out

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