Eli Njuchi follows Gwaladi’s footsteps


Malawi’s budding artist Eli Njuchi has borrowed a leaf from legendary musician Joe Gwaladi in the process of selling his music.

Eli will sell his live set of his music collection called the Book of Z in a flash drive. The trading activity will start next month.

The Lilongwe based starlet will free the live set whilst making online sales of the studio version of his extended playlist. By selling music via the peripheral devices, Njuchi will be doing two businesses at once.

This system of selling music was synonymous with Gwaladi. However, people made fun of the traditional music maestro for adopting that fashion of selling music, arguing it reflects one’s village champion status.

People believe the audience’ mentality is likely to change with Eli joining the bandwagon. More musicians are also expected to join the Zitaye hitmaker if the heavens will smile on him in his endeavors.