Gwamba wears too much ‘make up’ to become a ‘light skin’


Gwamba has shattered the internet again after sharing a photo of himself where his skin looks like that of Theo Thomson.

The South African based Malawian gospel hip hop artist arrested his followers on Monday with a different look, making him a subject of discussion.

His strange look has sparked varying conclusions from his followers, taking into account that he does not look that way. Others believe the musician had to bleach his skin to join the bandwagon of musicians who value light skin.

This is not the first time for the artist to spark debate based on his look. He is also on record to have been a subject of debate when he suddenly lost his weight last year. A good number of people defended his weight loss arguing it was a result of rigorous physical exercises.

A few others believed it could be related to health problems. His weight loss also triggered others to conclude that his shoes seem oversized.

Since moving to South Africa a few years ago, the Malawian grown talent has been making efforts to suit international standards of what it means to be a celebrity. This is evidenced by his fashion and lavish way of life as communicated by his social media posts.