Casino games with the best odds 


It’s fair to say that when it comes to finding casino games with the best odds – in this category at least – not all casino games are created equally. There are some casino card games which give players better odds than others, and if you want to win it’s good to know those games. 

Roulette games 

Especially with an online casino, roulette options are one of the best casino games with the best odds. Just be sure to go for the French version when you’re picking your roulette options, as this is the pick of the roulette games that offers players the best odds. 

As roulette is one of the casino games won purely by chance, it makes sense to go with the variation that’s got the best house edge to win the game. While other roulette options are still really fun, this is the best one to go for in terms your odds of winning. 

The Blackjack game 

The blackjack game offers players the best odds in every Vegas casino, and the odds at an online casino aren’t bad either. Normally the house edge with a blackjack game is just one per cent! Who could go wrong with that? We mentioned the online casino house edge with a blackjack game – it’s 0.13 per cent. 

This puts the blackjack game right up there with the very best casino games with the best odds. It’s fair to say if you are looking to play a blackjack game, land casinos are a lot of fun in their own right. That being said, for the best odds, the online casino is where it’s at.

Baccarat casino game 

The game of baccarat has been a long-standing favourite among casino goers across the globe for centuries. Now, it’s been made all the more accessible thanks to the rise of the online casino, as the game play with this choice of casino games is tricky. Software with an online casino does all the hard work for players. 

With baccarat the house edge is very low, which is part of what makes it a favourite among many players. Other reasons are hard to ignore, but it’s got the best odds out of some other casino games which is the biggest reason it’s so loved. Just be sure to make “player” and “banker” bets. 


There are some slots out there which have the best odds at any given online casino. It’s a reason slots are popular, and while it’s still one of the casino games won by luck, some people have made millions. Just be sure to go for any of the online slots with a good RTP percentage. 

So there we have it, the casino games with the best odds. Although choosing to play casino games with the best odds will help you on your way to winning, it’s not foolproof. Pick the game you enjoy playing the most to truly get the best odds of winning with your gaming experience.