Chakwera yet to decide on number of presidential terms


Tonse Alliance torchbearer says he is yet to decide on whether he will serve one presidential term or two terms.

Chakwera, who is entitled to serve a maximum two terms as long as he wins election before each term, was responding to reports that he will only serve for one term and his current runningmate Saulos Chilima will take over.

Last week, Chilima told a rally, which Chakwera also attended, that he will be torchbearer for the alliance in future.

“We agreed that Dr Lazarus Chakwera will be the torchbearer in the 2020 fresh presidential elections. But in future, I will be the presidential candidate so that we should develop the country,” said Chilima.

Speaking in an interview with Times TV on Sunday, Chakwera said what Chilima said was right but the remarks did not define any terms.

He added that it has not been decided whether he will serve for one term and step down or not.

“If it is [10 years of presidency] or if it is not, what is that to you? The important thing right now is to for Chilima’s strength and my strength to be combined to form a synergy that is unbeatable,” said Chakwera.

During the interview, Chakwera also spoke about the need to reduce presidential powers, saying he believes the president has too much powers.

“My dream is not to get power to be accumulated into one president, but to get institutions so empowered that when they function, the whole machinery functions and moves in one direction.

“A president should be able to offer a vision. Once that vision is shared, then we can all move in one direction regardless of who is a leader at that time,” said Chakwera.

He then urged Malawians to vote for him in the 2020 fresh presidential elections, saying he is promising change that will ensure that will be good for Malawians.




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