Limbe Police foil robbery syndicate, 5 arrested


Limbe Police Station detectives have arrested two house maids who connived with three suspected robbers to steal money from a house at Mpingwe Township.

Limbe Police Station Deputy publicist Widson Nhlane said the five include maids Malita Chewaza, 28, and Netsani Fuko, 31.

The other people are Blessings Martin, 32, Fantile Maulana aged 23 and Fatsani Namwera aged 26.

According to Nhlane, on May 21 this year the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) gathered information that criminals were planning to rob Salim Panjwani, a Malawian of Indian origin who plies his business in Limbe.

“After thorough investigations, it was uncovered that the businessman’s house-maids had spotted cash in the house and connived with Martin who is Malita’s husband,” he said.

Later, Martin decided to partner with Maulana and Namwera, notorious criminals wanted in robbery cases of KU Distributors and Pound Shop.

He said the police cornered the five on May 26, before they had completed their mission.

They have since admitted to have conspired to attack Panjwani’s wife in the absence of her husband.

The suspects will answer a charge of conspiracy to commit a felony.

Limbe Police Station has since extended its gratitude to members of the community who always tip them on suspected criminals causing terror within their localities.