DPP Govt will develop Salima to match tourism status – Atupele


…promises markets for cotton farmers

United Democratic Front (UDF) Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) runningmate Atupele Muluzi says Salima is one of the least developed districts in the country and the DPP administration will develop the district if it retains power.

Muluzi, the runningmate for President Peter Mutharika, made the remarks on Wednesday at Msalura Community Secondary School ground in the district,

The Malawi News Agency reported that Muluzi told supporters at the rally that Salima is one of the least developed districts in the country despite being a tourist attraction district.

According to Muluzi, the district was supposed to have modern and up to standard infrastructures to match its tourism status.

“That has not been the case now. Let me assure you that if you vote DPP/UDF Alliance into power, we shall ensure that we construct structures that will qualify this district as such,” he said.

He also promised markets for cotton farmers saying the crop has the potential to generate enough income for the growth of the country’s economy.

According to Muluzi, cotton farmers are currently being offered poor prices on the market.

“If DPP comes back into power we shall ensure that we create a conducive environment for cotton market that will help our farmers earn more money which will in turn help the country’s economy to grow,” he said.

Speaking during the same function, Senior Chief Kalonga said chiefs in the district will continue working with the current government for the benefit of their subjects.

He asked the government to consider electrifying some of the trading centres in the district saying the initiative will help young people to engage themselves into businesses that will transform their lives.