Mzuzu Youth Association preaches peace ahead of fresh polls


Mzuzu Youth Association, an umbrella body of more than 50 youth entities in Mzuzu, has appealed to the youths in the country to refrain from being used as perpetrators of violence ahead of the fresh presidential polls.

The association made the call on Friday at a press briefing that took place at the association’s premises in Mzuzu.

In his address, chairperson of the association, Mervin Nxumayo said it is a fact that the nation has experienced uncertainty since the 2019 elections were disputed a scenario that he said has seen youths being used as perpetrators of violence.

“We saw violent demonstrations taking place which have violated the rights of citizens, destroyed and affected many businesses.

“We are therefore appealing to the youth and young people to avoid being manipulated by being perpetrators of violence in this country as the fresh presidential elections are set for June 23,” he explained.

Nxumayo said being a youth association, they are concerned with the welfare of youths and cannot just watch youths being used wrongly by politicians.

“We are looking forward to fresh elections, let us campaign peacefully, and let us promote reconciliation and co existence.

“This is knowing that we still have a nation to build as one after these elections,” he said.

He further said that Malawi voted for multi-party politics for the sake of
accepting each other’s political opinions and live together as

“Therefore, politics should not divide us as we are all Malawians,” he said.