Tay Grin concedes defeat


Malawi’s hiphop icon, Tay Grin, survived another onslaught on Twitter after throwing in a white towel to concede an early defeat when a fan went on his talent.

The multi-award winning artist was attacked on Twitter on Friday in the course of boosting morale for his latest political song Ma Yo Aja which features Dan Lu.

The rulling party cheerleaders released the song last week and per custom, Grin took to Twitter to share the work. In response, the Nyau King was subject to negative comments from one of the Twitter users called Nyekhwe who uses the handle @Nyusensi.

“Ine nde ndimadana nanu kale. Since kalekale palibe za nzeru munayimbapo (I have never liked you, your music is senseless),” commented Nyekhwe

The Twitter user went on to say that Tay does not have instincts for music. This, resulted into a sacarstic response from the 2 by 2 hit maker.

“Lol ok aise umatha ndiweyo (alright you are better than me buddy),” responded Tay Grin

In Ma yo aja, the ex Lilongwe Central Constituency parliamentary candidate and his partner in the game Dan Lu, indirectly trolls UTM for its failure to stand on it’s own as the party has teamed up with MCP for the forthcoming presidential election.

They claim the youthful people who were confident of rulling are now part of another party’s youth wing.

UTM is synonymous with youthful leadership and fanbase. It came third in the 2019 nullified presidential election.