Comedian Nya Uyu addresses domestic violence in Silent Voices


Malawi’s female comedian Felistus Ngwira who is popularly known as Nya Uyu in entertainment circles has embarked on a project to use her talent in addressing home based violence.

The comedian is set to unleash her latest work on the aforementioned subject on 11th May. It is under the title “Silent Voices”.

According to Nya Uyu, the title reflects  on the situation in which a victim of home based violence chooses not to report the vice. The work of art dwells on the suffering of women in the family as inflicted by their husbands.

Silent Voices features a renowned figure in the creative industry Annie Matumbi. He plays the role of an abusive husband who beats his wife frequently. After having enough of the beatings, the wife fights back.

Three languages have been used in the fiction; Chitumbuka, Chichewa and English. It has followed that style in a bid to propagate the message to a wide audience both local and international.

Speaking in an interview with Malawi24 on Tuesday, Ngwira said she will continue to produce material which is educative, informative and entertaining in a creative way.

She is popular with Tumbuka comedy as a sign of pride for her tribe. Felistus once shared the stage with Ugandan renowned female comedian Annie Kansiime. Besides acting, she also has instincts for hosting events.

In the entertainment industry, she is also known as the president of a fictional country called Vilekeke. Meanwhile, her national address as leader of the ‘country’ in question on the subject of Coronavirus, is trending on different platforms.