Muslims urged to support the needy


Muslims in the country have been urged to support vulnerable people during this holy month of Ramadhan.

Central Islamic Jamaat (CIJ) said on Friday that reaching out to the needy is not only providing them with food and materials but also visiting and giving them word of encouragement, as it promotes love, peace and unity.

The group on group visited an old Muslim woman at Biwi in Lilongwe to cheer and support her physically and spiritually.

Speaking during the visit, executive member for the group Fareeda Kabitchi, said poor, elderly and sick people lack many things in their daily lives as such visiting and helping them with something can change their lives.

Kabitchi added that during this month of Ramadhan, Muslims should consider people who cannot afford to support themselves so that they should also benefit the blessings of this month.

In response to the visit, Sister Amina Gidion representing the old woman said visiting the elders is very crucial in as far as Islam is concerned because it improves people’s spiritual lives more especially those who have just joined Islam to understand that Islam is the religion of love and unity.

“This should not only happen during Ramadhan but they should continue practicing as part of their spiritual lives,” she said.

Apart from visiting the elderly and the sick, Central Islamic Jaamat which is a Muslim Women organization conducts Dawa in various areas and teaches people who not know much about Islam.