13 NGOs contribute K1 billion for  Covid-19 response


Thirteen non-governmental organization in the country have registered with the NGO Board to contribute one billion Kwacha to support the country’s Covid-19 response.

This was revealed on Thursday during a joint press briefing by the Minister of Population Planning and Social welfare Clara Makungwa and the NGO Board of Malawi.

Makungwa said the 13 NGOs have come together to contribute the money to help in the sensitization of covid-19 pandemic to Malawians in the country.

“I am very happy to announce that so far 13 NGOs have registered with the NGO Board to provide Covid-19 response and these NGOs have contributed one billion Kwacha which will help in the fight of Covid-19.

“I take it as a good development and a good start for NGOs in this fight,” said Makungwa.

Makungwa then asked the NGOs to buy Covid-19 preventive materials such as soap, sanitizers, face masks and buckets which will also help many people especially from rural areas.

“I am also asking other NGOs to join these fellow NGOs in fighting against the spread of this deadly disease in the country. They should suspend other activities and focus on the fight against Covid-19 pandemic,” said Makungwa.

In his remarks, Chief Executive Officer for the Non-Governmental Organisation Board of Malawi (NGO Board) Voice Mhone said Malawians should expect more NGOs to come in and contribute more to Covid-19 response in the country.

So far Malawi has registered 37 cases of Covid-19 and there have been 3 deaths and 7 recoveries.