Kaphale U-turns on challenge against lockdown injunction


Attorney General has today withdrawn an application challenging  the anti-lockdown injunction.

Kaphale filed the injunction on Tuesday but has withdrawn it today.

“Take notice that the Defendants, having carefully considered their position, and no longer being desirous to argue any application to vacate the interlocutory injunction or to be heard in relation hereto; and no longer being desirous to contest the permission to move for judicial review, do hereby wholly withdraw their court processes filed on 21st April, 2020,” reads the notice dated 23 April.

The documentation for the application included a sworn statement by Secretary for the Ministry of Health Dan Namarika and arguments in response to the interlocutory injunction and an order discharging permission for judicial review.

Last week, the Human Rights Defenders Coalition obtained an injunction against the 21-day lockdown which government wanted to institute from April 18 to May 9.

The lockdown was aimed at reducing spread of the coronavirus pandemic which has so far led to three deaths. Malawi has recorded 33 coronavirus cases and three recoveries