Muhara tells civil servants to work from home


Chief Secretary to the government has ordered all public servants who are not providing essential services to start working from home with immediate effect.

In a circular dated 20 April, 2020, Muhara said the measure has been endorsed by the Civil Service Trade Union (CSTU) and has been taken in an effort to protect government employees in the wake of Coronavirus (Covid – 19) pandemic and with recommendation from Civil Service Trade Union (CSTU).

According to Muhara, civil servants who will continue going to work are those providing essential services such as law enforcement, medical services and disaster management as categorized under the Coronavirus Prevention, Containment and Management Rules (2020).

Those who have been selected to perform critical functions in their Ministries, Departments or Agencies (MDAs) will also continue going to work.

“All public servants who are working from their homes should remain within their work locations as they can be called for duties at any time,” said Muhara.

He added that all Government vehicles that are not in use during this period should be parked at the office premises and all vehicles that will be in use during this period should have written authority issued by Controlling Officers.

Muhara said the measures will remain in force until a further communication is made by his office.

Malawi has recorded 17 coronavirus and last week government announced plans to institute a 21-day lockdown, However, the move was blocked by the courts.