We don’t want Malawians to die of hunger – Trapence


Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) says it is not against lockdown but wants government to ensure that no person dies of hunger under a lockdown regime.

Chairperson of the grouping Gift Trapence the remarks today, hours after the HRDC obtained an injunction restraining government from instituting a lockdown over the Coronavirus pandemic.

Trapence said they want government to provide Malawians with food during the period of lockdown.

He added that Malawian public health workers are supposed to be given personal protective equipment so that they can execute their duties safely and should also be motivated financially because they are the frontline workers.

Trapence claimed that government should openly provide the budget for coronavirus since others are taking advantage of the situation.

According to Trapence, some people were also cashing in on the lockdown by selling temporary permits to businesses looking to continue providing services.

“There is deliberate exploitation of Malawians. We have been receiving information from people running businesses in our local markets saying that they are being requested to be paying K10,000 while others K180,000 if they are willing to continue running business which is exploitation,” he explained.

He also demanded the Beautify Malawi Trust (BEAM) to stop politicizing the issue of coronavirus by distributing health materials such as hand sanitizers and soap to all Malawians and not only Democratic Progressive Party (DDP) members.

Currently, Malawi has recorded 17 cases of the coronavirus and has registered two deaths. Three people have also recovered from the disease.