Sunbird Malawi to cut staff salaries over Covid-19


Sunbird Malawi has told staff that the company will cut their salaries by 20 percent due to the coronavirus pandemic.

As the country continues to be hit hard with the effects of Covid-19, Malawi24 can reveal that Sunbird Malawi plans to effect a 20 percent salary reduction starting this month-end.

A Sunbird employee has confided in Malawi24 that the management has already told the workers about the salary reductions.

The company has described the pay cut as one of the measures taken to protect the company due to reduced business in the hospitality sector.

“The duration of the pay cut is dependent on the Covid- 19,” said the employee who asked not to be named.

The employee further said that some workers at Sunbird owned hotels are working, others have been sent on leave, while some are expected to be sent on early retirement.

The Sunbird worker then expressed concern that the salary reduction will have a huge effect on workers.

“The pay cut will hugely affect us since it is unexpected and we are also facing the pinch of the pandemic.”

Sunbird Malawi Chief Executive Officer Yusuf Olela said in an interview that the pay cut was suggested but is yet to be implemented.

This comes at a time when the hospitality players have asked their line ministry – Tourism – to come to their rescue.

The hospitality sector has been hugely affected as a lot of activities have been cancelled amidst the Covid-19.

Sunbird owns several hotels including Sunbird Nkopola , Sunbird Lilongwe and Sunbird Mount Soche in Blantyre