125 people with hearing difficulties assisted in Zomba


The Special Needs Coordinator in Zomba says 125 people with hearing difficulties have been provided with hearing aid devices and medical treatment during a campaign conducted since January in the district.

The coordinator, Smart Ganiza, said many people who received the hearing aid devices are children.

According to Ganiza, the campaign encouraged residents to go for screening conducted throughout the district.

Before the campaign, many people in the district did not know the importance of hearing screening and they were shy to consult audiologists.

“People used to hide themselves or their children who have hearing problems, but now people are out of shy to seek deaf screening,” said Ganiza.

He added that with help from other well-wishers, health workers have managed to distribute hearing aid devices and medical treatment to 125 people with hearing difficulties.

Ganiza further said that many children have returned to school now because they are able to hear their teachers unlike in the past when they were just staying idle at their homes due to hearing difficulties.

As a special needs district coordinator, Ganiza is supervising different schools in Zomba to make sure that students with learning difficulties have access to inclusive education and they are managed properly during classes.