Customers worry over sunlight: Ask for tents outside banks


Bank customers have expressed concern over exposure to direct sunlight whilst at queues outside banks, as banks are only allowing 10 people to be inside at a time to prevent spread of Covid-19.

Customers said they are severely suffering from sunlight heat in as a way of observing precautionary measures set by the banks in accordance with the directives from the Ministry of Health.

In an interview, one of the customers at National Bank in Thyolo district, suggested that banks should also consider customers awaiting to get inside the banks than, only, following orders from Ministry of Health.

“It could be better if they at-least, erected tents outside bank premises so that we, customers, should take refuge from sunlight heat,” George Gwaza suggested.

Another customer at the FDH bank in Thyolo also concurred with Gwaza’s suggestions saying besides fulfilling what the Health Ministry saying bank operators and owners should also consider lives of their customers outside banks.

“Of course this is happening just because of this COVID-19 pandemic but still, we are human beings and moreover, overstaying at the sunlight heat has its own side effects. Therefore, we urge them to hear our cry and do something,” said Maggie Banda.

The customers also pleaded that banks should always cross-check and ensure that the ATM machine is functioning properly amid COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are told to enter into the bank, approximately 10 people yet the ATM is not working, sometimes it there is no network, a thing that forces us to queue at a line to get inside the banks for money transactions. So banks should make sure ATM machine is working, maybe it be helpful,” said one of the concerned customers.

However, others said that banks should emulate other services which can ease transactions such as linkage between banks and Airtel Money as well as TNM Mpamba so that people can transfer their money from banks and transact at Airtel Money or TNM Mpamba agents. They cited an example of MO626.

Following the declaration of national state of disaster and announcement of confirmed five cases of Coronavirus in Malawi, government has announced measures that have impinged on various sectors such as banks, churches, shops, as well as markets in as far as social distancing is concerned.