Don’t wait for police, form security teams to stop criminals asking for IDs – Chakwera


Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus has asked Malawians to form community security teams that will send a clear message to people whom he said are moving around the country demanding national identity cards in exchange for loans.

Chakwera said this in a statement delivered on Wednesday night aimed at preparing Malawians for threats to national security.

According to Chakwera, there are criminals going around the country asking people to surrender national Identity (ID) cards in exchange for money or loans from government.

He said these criminals have been sent by crooks since the laws of Malawi do not allow anyone to take other people’s national IDs.

He then advised Malawians to report to their community leaders if these criminals visit their areas.

“I therefore call on community leaders, traditional authorities, parliamentarians and councilors in the country to form community security terms to respond swiftly and appropriately when this threat arrives in your areas,” he said.

He added that people should not wait for the police or government to defend the people’s birthright because none of them has done anything to stop the criminals.

According to the MCP leader, it is the role of citizens to organize themselves to defend their birthright.

“So from now on, everywhere these criminals arrive to offer us money in exchange for national IDs, we must send them a clear message that our citizenship is not for sale,” he said.

Over the past week, supporters of the MCP have been expressing concern that some people have been collecting IDs from villagers.

Earlier this week, the ruling Democratic Progressive Party also accused MCP supporters of attacking villagers who were holding meetings to discuss the MEDF loan programme which government is implementing.