Coronavirus: Mzuzu Asian community donates items worth K2 million


The Mzuzu Asian Business Community has donated various items worth K2 million to hospitals, police and the army to help them prevent the coronavirus.

Speaking to reporters after the donation, member of the group Ash Rashid Bano said they know that the disease is a threat and dangerous so it’s better to start preventing it.

“Here in Malawi we don’t have enough equipment to prevent the coronavirus. Secondly, the Government that we all belong to is doing a lot for this but we decided to come in and help the Government,” he said.

Bano then urged people in the country to keep taking prevention measures such as washing hands frequently.

He added that the group is now planning to go in remote areas to give civic education to people because a lot of people out there are not aware how to prevent the virus and sometimes social media is misleading people.

The items which included soap, pails, hand sanitizers were donated to Police, Hospitals Immigration, Army, mZUZU City council and in some places in Mzuzu.

Malawi is yet to register a case of the coronavirus but Zambia, Tanzania Zimbabwe, South Africa have all recorded cases.