DPP accuses MCP of attacking innocent villagers


… Jeffrey says DPP supporters living in fear

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has accused the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) of attacking innocent villagers looking to benefit from MEDF loans, and targeting DPP leaders in villages across Dedza and Lilongwe.

DPP Secretary General Griezeldar Jeffery made the claim in a statement on Sunday in which she condemned what she called a new wave of terror perpetrated by the MCP in the Central Region where people are experiencing untold suffering and macabre attacks.

According to Jeffrey, recent attacks and terror activities are targeting DPP leaders in various villages and the party has received reports that DPP supporters are living in fear and some have abandoned their homes, have fled their villages, and are currently in hiding.

She added that the party has also been told that groups of people that were holding meetings over MEDF loans were attacked and dispersed by “the MCP and its hooligans”.

The DPP Secretary General said the people who were attacked while discussing MEDF loans are innocent women, youths and men who were in search for economic empowerment to improve their lives and alleviate their poverty through the loans.

“Some of these people who are attacked are not even DPP supporters. They are mere villagers since the MEDF loans are benefiting all deserving Malawians without regard to political affiliation. Unfortunately, MCP has in its usual style of using violence and terror, disturbed the economic prospects and has dashed the hopes for these innocent Malawians,” she said.

Jeffrey then stated that the DPP has put in place special measures to protect its members from the attacks and has already linked up with law enforcement agencies to bring to book all the perpetrators of the violence

She said: “We wish to strongly warn and caution the MCP. Enough is enough. This time around, you will not succeed in your plans to cause chaos. We will hold you accountable and we will use all constitutionally acceptable means to block your evil plans. As the DPP, we will defend the Constitution. Violence and terror will never defeat democracy and development; darkness will never conquer light.”


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  1. APM/DPP and gang have again been caught red handed, trying to steal/rig the Presidential election in Malawi. Blaming MCP is understandable because MCP make you have sleepless nights and days. APM/DPP and gang, you are welcome to keep on trying to steal/rig but ” NO THROUGH ROAD!

    APM/DPP and gang, you all going to jail. Too many crimes committed by you all.

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