China to donate test kits, other medical supplies to Malawi


The Chinese Embassy in Malawi says China will donate medical supplies to Malawi to help the country manage the threat of coronavirus.

The remarks were made by the Chinese Ambassador to Malawi, Liu Hongyang, during a press briefing that was held in Lilongwe on Friday.

Liu noted that Malawi has a weak health sector and does not have enough resources to prevent Covid-19 hence China’s decision to donate test kits, face masks, and protective shoes and clothes to keep the country safe from the pandemic.

He added that China believes that with those items, government will be able to test Malawians and be able to identify infected people and most of all keep Malawi free from the virus.

“China will also donate the materials to other African countries. China has been doing a lot to help in the fight against Covid-19 including the shutdown of Wuhan City and will continue fighting against it in all the affected and uninfected countries in the world,” he said.

Liu continued by saying that China appreciates Malawi for the support given to it in the fight against Coronavirus.

He asked government to keep monitoring people coming into the country through airports and borders so that no one infected with the pandemic should enter the country unnoticed.

He then appealed to Malawians to keep following precautionary measures so that Malawi can keep being free of Covid-19.

The coronavirus started in Wuhan City in China and has since spread to over 150 countries globally, killing over 10,000 people.

Malawi is yet to record a case of the virus but in order to manage the threat of the disease, government on Friday ordered the closure of all schools and banned mass gatherings.