Man attacked by snake while answering call of nature in bush


A 32-year-old man was on Friday rescued from a python which attacked him at Mchacha in Nsanje when he was answering the call of nature.

Police have identified the man as Maxwell Ndaona of Chataika village in traditional Authority Malemia in Nsanje district.

Sergeant Pilirani Kondwani, Deputy public relations officer for Nsanje police, said eyewitness told the police that the python attacked Maxwell when he was answering the call of nature at a nearby bush.

“We have been told that Maxwell went to Mchacha village for his duties of repairing broken baskets. While in the course of duties as he was shifting from one village to the other he decided to answer the call of nature at a near side bush.

“In the process he wondered upon seeing that his body was shaking for no apparent reason and that he could hear wind like blowing from near side. Suddenly a Python protruded and coiled his whole body with one arm leaving the other up.

“Maxwell screamed for help and it was Edson Fegasi who rushed to the scene and grabbed the neck of the Python and it uncoiled itself later they killed it,” a said Kondwani.

The two reported the matter to Nsanje police and game personnel was called for proper disposal of the dangerous animal.

Meanwhile, Police in the district have urged the general public to avoid answering call of the nature in the bush instead to ask the nearby home for help to prevent incidence of this nature.