Man murdered, hanged to look like suicide


Police in Ntcheu district have launched a manhunt for assailants who killed a 63-year-old visually impaired man and hanged his body to stage the man’s death as a suicide.

The murder occurred last week at Mtambalika 2 village, in Traditional Authority Ganya in the district.

Ntcheu police deputy relations officer sub inspector Rabecca Kwisongole identified the victim as Lester Kamoto, who was staying alone at his house, and used a stick in all his movements for direction as he had visual impairment.

Kwisongo in her words said the man was seen on March 9 coming back from Kasinje trading centre where he usually went to gather alms.

“On the following morning, people were surprised to see his body hanging to the roof, on the veranda of his house,” Kwisongole said.

When Police, in the company of medical personnel arrived at the scene, it was discovered that the rope used, had a very loose knot, and the deceased’s legs were touching the floor.

Postmortem conducted by medical personnel, indicated that death was due to strangulation of the neck before hanging.

The victim, Lester Kamoto, hailed from Mtambalika 2 village, Traditional Authority Ganya in Ntcheu.