Dan Lu praises DPP-UDF alliance in ‘Team A’


Dan Lufani is back with another political song titled Team A where he praises President Peter Mutharika and drums up support for the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and United Democratic Front (UDF).

Lufani, popularly known as Dan Lu, is praising not only DPP but also UDF following their alliance ahead of the fresh elections.

From the look of things, the song will act as a source of motivation to people that tend to follow DPP and UDF parties.

To political analysts, they would interpret the song as an indirect attack on UTM party, Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and People’s Party (PP) that have also formed an alliance following the pending tripartite re-elections that will occur this year.

The song opens with President Peter Mutharika telling his supporters that he will win the elections with a landslide: “Tiwanyenya, tiwafinya, tiwachekacheka!”

So this just symbolically depicts that the artist of the song is mainly on the side of Mutharika and his DPP party.

The artist uses the words “Atangomva kuti DPP yagwilizana ndi UDF atsegula m’mimba/ chitimuu eeh mwachiona eeh chowinawina” mainly to tell his audience that the opposition parties are not feeling comfortable following the alliance that DPP and UDF have made and that they two parties will win the fresh elections this year.

He sings: “Arthur, Atupele Team A, ndikuti palibe angamake; Arthur, Atupele ndife Team A, a Peter dulani mutu njoka, inuyo mwapilila kokwana, otsutsa ndi ma empty tin awa, chomwe adziwa ndi ma demo awa tiwanyenyanyenya, tiwateketeza, tiwafinya asadzayambilenso, chomwe adziwa nkuphwanya mashop cholinga awononge dzina la DPP.”

This mainly means that there is nobody who is going to stand against the alliance between DPP and UDF for this year’s elections.

The artists also reasoned that the opposition parties are empty tins that only have an intention of tarnishing DPP’s image using demonstrations.

Dan Lu further uses biblical words “Chala cha Mulungu chikaloza, palibe otembelela, aona nyekhwe” to symbolically mean that Mutharika is God’s chosen leader for Malawi and that those who are trying to go against him will face problems of which he named them with a Lomwe term “Nyekhwe”

In the song, the artist indirectly continues to attack the opposition parties as parties with leaders that are corrupt, drunkards and that will not use Government’ money well.

The song that Lufani has produced will have an impact as people will be interested on what he has communicated in the song.

Last year, the Ndi Ntima hitmaker also released Lozani Zanu to drum up support for the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and its leader, Arthur Peter Mutharika.

By Lonjezo Idrissa