Woman forces stepchildren to crawl on concrete


Lingadzi Police in Lilongwe has arrested a 28-year-old Rwandese woman for forcing her stepchildren to crawl on concrete because of rice and sugar.

Whistleblowers tipped the police that in Area 49 Gulliver, there were two children who were abused on 3 March 2020 and were failing to walk to go to school because of wounds on their knees.

Upon receiving the tip, Lingadzi Police officers went to Karonga primary school to witness and teachers led them where those victimised children stay.

The officers noticed the wounds on the children’s knees, and after interrogating them, it was disclosed that they were being forced by their stepmother to crawl on hard concrete from house up to the main gate five times each.

The victims further said that they were being forced to do that just because they soaked some rice and took some sugar for they were feeling hungry and this did not please the stepmother.

Police arrested the woman identified as Slivia Mukunoheri Hassan.

She hails from Kigali province in Rwanda and has so far been charged with acts intended to cause grievous harm.