Questions over Israelis in Malawi on State House business


Three Israeli intelligence experts have arrived in the country for State House business.

The three are Bar Lev Omer aged 23, Tsairi Marom aged 48 and 50-year-old Aviv Osher.

A leaked memo from Director General of Immigration and Citizenship Services Gloria Mtande dated 2 March, 2020 advised Immigration bosses at Chileka and Kamuzu Airports to grant Gratis Entry Single Visas to the three Israelis upon their arrival.

According to Mtande, the three Israelis were invited by State House for a business visit.

The arrival of the Israelis has raised suspicions with Malawians on social media speculating that their role is linked to the fresh elections which will be held in the country this year.

Meanwhile, government has transferred officer in-charge for Immigration at Kamuzu International Airport Mbalose Mapemba to Malawi Investment Trade Center over the leaked memo.

Mapemba has been replaced by Justin Bello from the Ministry of Homeland Security in a move linked to the arrival of the three Israeli.




  1. The Judges did not Finnish their in securing a free and fair election and leveling the playing field. Peter should have been ordered out of the state house and let the executive run Government for the 150 days. By him being in the state house he will have an added advantage hence the arrival of the Israelis and no one knows who else comes and goes in our country in tge name of state house

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