Civo elect new executive members


Civo Football Club supporters on Saturday elected a new executive committee for the club.

The supporters elected a vice chairperson, vice general secretary, vice treasurer and executive committee members.

Davie Chirwa was elected as vice chairperson, Trickson Chiutsi was chosen as vice general secretary while MacDonald Tembo elected was elected vice treasurer.

Dini Josaya, Ganizani Banda, Abdul Malidadi and Orton Thindwa joined the committee as executive members.

Speaking after the elections, General Secretary of Civo Ronald Chiwaula said he is expecting a lot from the people that have been elected.

“We expect these people to bring in new ideas and probably revamp the team, we want the team that used to be called Civo,” said Chiwaula.

Commenting on the huge turnout of supporters at the election, Chiwaula said Civo has a lot of supporters and he was not surprised with the large number.

“We have said time and again that Civo has a lot of supporters and to me as a GS of the team I am not surprised, this is just a sign that Civo has a very good number of supporters,” said Chiwaula.

He added that he was very impressed that supporters themselves have spoken and that the elections happened in peace without violence and the winners celebrated in peace while the losers accepted the defeat.

One of the representatives from Sulom who was also managing the elections, Michael Chamayere, expressed concern that they did not use ballots since the papers were not enough due to high turnout of supporters.

“It was very difficult to use ballot papers and we just accepted the situation and we discussed with the candidates and the administration that people should vote without using ballot papers. So the supporters were standing at the back of the candidate they wanted,” he said.

He then urged teams to have enough ballot papers when organising elections.