‘Chilima is ignorant’ – Govt.


Malawi Government has said Vice President Saulos Chilima is lying to Malawians with his claims that government is stealing UTM campaign policies.

While speaking during a campaign rally held in Mzuzu on Sunday, Chilima accused President Peter Mutharika and the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) of plagiarizing UTM campaign promises.

Chilima cited the recent abolition of Quota System of selecting students to public universities based on their district of origin and the reintroduced Junior Certificate Exams as examples of how the Mutharika administration had stolen his policies.

The UTM leader described the changes as deceptive, only introduced to fool people from Northern Region to vote for DPP in the forthcoming May polls.

But Government’s spokesperson, Mark Bottomani hit back at Chilima as a dishonest politician.

The Information Minister claimed in a statement that the vice President was aware of  “wide consultative processes” that government had followed before quota, a policy widely opposed in the North, was abolished.

“The policy shifts are a product of a long process of consultation and research. Chilima was aware of such consultative process” said Bottomani without any elaboration.

Bottomani also insisted that quota was a “national policy and not a regional policy” to fight people who hail from Northern Malawi.