Ndizifinyika star collapses on stage


Aron Masauli, a member of Twin M duet, collapsed on stage when he was performing in Mzuzu over the weekend.

The sensational singer collapsed on stage at Squirrels Park in Mzuzu.

In a video that is circulating on social media, Aron is seen bleeding on the floor in the aftermath of collapsing.

Some people suspected that the incident was caused by severe drug and alcohol intake while others suspected that it was a seizure.

The musician has since regained good health following the incident.

In response to the allegations regarding the cause of his collapse, Aron hit back at critics.

He said he does not smoke Indian Hemp, drink, use drugs or suffer from seizure.

The duet Twin M has been trending over the past months with the hit song entitled Ndizifinyika.

The song, which encourages people to enjoy their freedom, is taking the lads to different stages given its charm to throw patrons into frenzy.