DPP MPs manhandle Parliament employee


Blantyre City South East Member of Parliament  (MP) Sameer Suleman and Blantyre North MP Francis Phiso who is also Minister of Sports will face disciplinary action after attacking Parliament’s Sergeant at Arms.

During a session on Thursday, the two legislators attempted to stop the Sergeant at Arms from executing the Speaker’s order for two other Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Members of Parliament to leave the House.

Speaker of Parliament, Catherine Gotani Hara, has referred the behaviour of Suleman and Phiso to Parliamentary Services Committee for disciplinary measures.

Hara has also suspended two DPP MPs Daud Chikwanje of Machinga Central East and Charles Mchacha of Thyolo West for causing chaos in the House.

Mchacha who is also Deputy Minister of Transport and Chikwanje were ordered by the Speaker to leave the House for disorderly conduct but they did not leave.

The Speaker was therefore forced to suspend them from attending parliamentary sessions for two days in accordance to Parliamentary Standing Orders.

Chaos have characterised the House since Wednesday when the parliamentarians started debating motions on electoral reforms.

Two motions were adopted on Wednesday, allowing the legislators who presented the motions to table electoral reforms bills in the House.