Two motions on electoral reforms adopted by Parliament


Parliament on Wednesday passed two motions for the tabling of electoral reforms bills in the House.

Member for Lilongwe City South West Nancy Tembo moved a motion for the amendment of the provisions of the Parliamentary and Presidential Elections Act to effect Section 80 (2) of the Constitution of Malawi which states that: “The President shall be elected by a majority of the electorate through direct, universal and equal suffrage.”

The amendment says an elected president should amass at least 50 percent plus one vote of the of the total votes, which the Constitutional Court that nullified the 2019 presidential elections described as a true meaning of the term majority.

The amendment also provides for a rerun if no candidate manages to get the 50 percent plus one vote.

Member of Parliament for Nkhata Bay West Chrispine Mphande also presented a motion which seeks to amend provisions in the Electoral Commission Act that deals with the appointment of commissioners for the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC)

If amended, the new provisions will give powers to the Public Appointments Committee of Parliament on the appointment of MEC top officials.

Mphande and Tembo will table private members bills on the respective electoral reforms in Parliament on Thursday.