HRDC to hold vigils at Parliament


The Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC ) has said it will hold vigils at Parliament Building in Lilongwe to force Members of Parliament to pass the electoral reforms bills.

The grouping’s Chairperson Timothy Mtambo said this during a press which the grouping conducted on Tuesday in Lilongwe.

Speaking with reporters, Mtambo said that the vigils will be peaceful.

He asked people who will participate to act accordingly without damaging property.

He added that they are aware that some legislators are not willing to pass the electoral reforms bills because of their greed.

“We are therefore calling people in the country from all the districts to come and participate in the vigil at Parliament building.

“Our members of Parliament slapped us in the face in 2018 when they rejected the electoral reforms but now we are not going take this issue lightly, we will stay there to monitor the discussions and we will not leave until we hear the news that the electoral reforms have been passed,” he explained.

The reforms bills include a bill that will enable the use of the 50 percent plus one vote electoral system in presidential elections.

During the press briefing, the HRDC chairperson also expressed concern over the demonstrations which the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) conducted on Monday saying the protesters were threatening and intimidating judges who were presiding over presidential election case.

HRDC is the grouping that has been leading in massive demonstrations aimed at forcing Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Chairperson Justice Dr Jane Ansah to resign from her position.