7 reasons why I love Major 1 – Bushiri’s spiritual daughter heaps praise on Papa

Major 1 Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

A spiritual daughter of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has heaped praise on the Malawian born controversial prophet who is plying his trade in South Africa.

The daughter says she has “a deep sense of love, loyalty and commitment to my father Prophet Shepherd Bushiri” and claimed that Bushiri “makes it easy to love and be proud of him”.

In a post shared by Bushiri’s official ECG news website, Amukelani Felicia Shipakule describes outlined 7 reasons why she loves Major 1 who she describes in the article as a “special human being”.

In the post, she says she is a member of Bushiri’s Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church and that she knows Jesus more.

Members of the public have on different occasions accused prophet Bushiri and his team of publishing imaginative posts and doctoring miracles.

In one such posts which members of the public claimed to be the work of fiction by a senior member of Bushiri’s PR team, the prophet is said to have seen the date a reporter would allegedly die.

Image experts also claimed that a post that claimed angels had visited ECG premises were doctored. In 2015, Bushiri’s miracle levitation – when he was in the area was described as staged.


Amukelani Felicia Shipakule writes:

My name is Amukelani Felicia Shipakule. My father is a special human being for many reasons. I have written below 7 of them.

1. His goal has always been winning souls to Christ:

– Through him, we keep seeing those without Christ become saved.- Well I was in church before ECG but didn’t know Jesus like I do now (honestly speaking).

I seriously accepted Jesus as my Lord and my personal Savior through his teachings. Like Major1 would have put it, “Make sure your life is right with God. You can leave this place without anything, but if you have Jesus you have everything”

– He preaches the word of God with love (no wonder he wins millions of souls to Christ).

Major 1

2. He is selfless:

– He puts us first and prays for us before himself. His love for God’s people and how he loves to see us all prosper is amazing.- I remember when he taught us to speak things into existence through prayer and that formula is doing wonders in my life.

3. He is consistent in the things of God and serves God faithfully:

– He leads with God’s vision.

– He serves God wholeheartedly without complaints (I wonder if he ever gets time to rest…..I believe it comes with the calling).

4. Circumstances and attacks don’t define him:

– Sometimes I used to feel like some attacks would really bring him down (Not that I had a little faith, but was thinking from a personal perspective. Because I personally wouldn’t survive those attacks). And to my surprise, that’s when he rises higher.

– He is never discouraged by any opposition.

– And this taught me that a man sent by God can never be brought down, no matter how heavy the attacks are.

– I’ve never seen a brave man of God like him. I always ask myself: “What manner of grace is this?”.

5. He never preaches against other men of God:

– Many men of God are attacking him, but he still believes God called them too.- He encourages his sons and daughters never to speak bad of any man of God. For our church goal is never to preach against others, but to preach Jesus, sharing the gospel and the power of resurrection. (What a great prophet we have from God).

6. He is a living testimony.

– His spiritual guidance has not only changed my spiritual life, but also in other areas of my life where God is concerned.- The wisdom he has with the word of God is amazing. Major One made me see beyond what I couldn’t see. Knowing him as a prophet changed my life financially, and in all areas of my life.

I believe I am not limited to achieve things in life just because I’m a Christian. Through the life of Major1 I can gladly say that I can do ALL things through Christ who gives me strength. I know it is possible, I see it happening to my spiritual father.

7. He is a prophet of the living God.

– Major1 is not what media says he is. He is sent from above. He is the mouthpiece of God.- God gave us Prophet Shepherd Bushiri. He gave us a gift that we must love, honour, and protect.

It would take me endless days and nights, to explain and describe the many things that my father has done. For now I have and will share only these 7. But there are 7 more.