Political refugees formed UTM – Chisa Mbele

Chisa Mbele UTM

UTM parliamentary candidate for Salima Central Joshua Chisa Mbele has conceded that his party was formed out of frustration by political refugees from the DPP and MCP.

In his hard hitting social media post, Chisa Mbele, renowned for his frankness, also states that only Chilima has public experience in the party and the UTM and MCP executive have no public administration experience.

His argues that voting for the two parties would be experimental, a luxury he says Malawians do not have.

Chisa Mbele UTM
Joshua Chisa Mbele

His Facebook post titled Recitals, Rhetoricals & Absurdities acknowledges that the ruling DPP is the only experienced party in Malawi with chances of winning fresh elections if the opposition parties decide to go to the polls without an alliance.

Describing DPP as “public enemy number one”, Chisa Mbele further warned UTM of cosying up to the idea of an alliance with the ruling party following media reports that Chilima was in talks with his former party for a possible electoral pact.

He urged his party to desist at any cost the “opportunistic mentality” which he said other senior members of UTM are embracing.

“Describing DPP in any warming language that points to a possible UTM-DPP alliance is in extremely bad taste. Don’t take your mature followers for fools” he charged.

Chisa Mbele writes:

“Terms of Truce, if you read History, especially the Treaty that Allies forced Germany to sign after First World War you will discover why Second World War was inevitable.

“The Treaty of Versailles of June 1919 was the most important of the peace treaties that brought World War I to an end. The Treaty ended the state of war between Germany and the Allied Powers. Yet that treaty is very reason that drove Adolf Hitler to ignite Second World War.

“I caution MCP & UTM to trade carefully. None of you has any Advantage whatsoever over the other.

“MCP is a bride acquainted with sorrows. They always finish the race with a bad move. None of the current breed has been in government. None has Public Administration experience. They are all guessing. Their Recitals might prove worthless in real terms.

“Malawi is not a Laboratory to conduct experiments. We have real challenges that need real urgent answers.

“UTM has a very unique challenge. Only & only one man in UTM has proven corporate experience. With reform mindset. With charisma. The rest have nothing tangible to sell. Majority fled DPP or MCP under personal hostile circumstances. None of them are reformists. Most of them were rejected by their own constituencies.

“Wherefore, speaking big as if they ever achieved anything is a blatant misleading political tactic.

“Sobriety to reach consensus to achieve MCP-UTM unity of purpose in order to remove DPP at the Polls is very crucial.

“Anything short of this reality is self-inflicted defeat.

“DPP is a public enemy number one. Describing DPP in any warming language that points to a possible UTM-DPP alliance is in extremely bad taste. Don’t take your mature followers for fools.

“Stop giving bad examples of previous alliances between arch-rivals. We want a clean-slate beginning. DPP is the very reason why we are where we are. Your language exposes true opportunistic mentality that we must discard at any cost.”