Mutharika, Chilima urged to put differences aside


A political analyst has advised President Peter Mutharika and Vice President Saulos Chilima to put their differences aside and serve the interests of Malawians.

University of Livingstonia political analyst George Phiri made the statement in reaction to concerns that the return of Chilima to the vice presidency will bring political predicaments in the country.

Former Vice President Dr Cassim Chilumpha told the local media on Thursday that Mutharika and Chilima cannot work with good faith as before, considering the fact that they insulted each other during the campaign period before the May 21, 2019 polls.

“Everybody is aware on how Chilima and President Peter Mutharika were insulting each other; I don’t expect them to work in a good manner as far as they are all in the same office of the President and cabinets,” Chilumpha said.

But commenting on the matter, Phiri said the two must put their political differences aside and serve the interests of the Malawians.

‘Politics aside, what they are supposed to do is to focus on the development of this country.

‘’Politics has nothing to do with the development of the country; this is what people must know,” Phiri said.

Chilima was restored as Vice President of Malawi after the Constitutional Court nullified the May 21 Presidential Elections and ruled that the status in the presidency should revert to the time before the elections.

The court also ordered the Malawi Electoral Commission to hold fresh elections in five months.

On Tuesday, Chilima told journalists that he is ready to work with Mutharika and carry out duties if given a role in running state affairs.