Lingadzi police interacts with Kabanza operators


Police officers in Lilongwe on Thursday advised  Kabanza operators to refrain from being used for crimes and  to be more careful when handling customers.

During the meeting, the station officer for Lingadzi police station Senior Superintendent Dan Sauteni thanked the chiefs and community members working hand in hand with the police in fighting crime.

He asked the motorcycle and bicycle taxioperators to refrain from committing various crimes in the area.

The station officer also advised Kabanza operators especially those using motorcycles to be careful when handling customers.

He said this because most of the Kabanza operators are being used in community crimes and others are victims of that related issues.

“Some customer offer money beyond normal price this is suspicious and you need to be more careful for it’s a death trap, most Kabanza operators have lost their lives for the love of Money,” Sauten said.

He also advised kabanza operators to strengthen the “know you customer initiative” by informing friends of the customer they are ferrying for their safety.

In his remarks, Traffic inspector Mwisho Mvula told Kabanza operators the importance of insuring their Motorcyle.

He further advised motor cycle operators to have valid licences and also to register.

Speaking to the gathering, Group Village headman Kauma thanked the police for the advice given to Kabanza operators saying it will help all kabanza operators in terms of protection among other things.