Mchinji hit by scabies outbreak


Health authorities in Mchinji have appealed for drugs following an outbreak of scabies in the district.

The Malawi News Agency reported that the contagious itchy skin disease has affected all traditional authorities in the district following a large number of cases reported in various health centres.

Mchinji District Hospital Dermatology Officer, Fatima Chautsi told the agency that from July, 2019 to January, 2020, the district hospital has registered 1,186 cases.

Mchinji District Hospital Health Promotions Officer, Owen Chataika, said the available drugs are not enough.

“As of now, the disease has affected almost the entire district and as a health office, we’re appealing to well-wishers to support us with drugs to treat the already affected persons.

“We also need funds for community sensitization to prevent further spread of the disease,” he said.

Chataika noted that the disease has mostly attacked children.

He advised people to bath frequently with soap, avoiding sharing of clothes and beddings that are contaminated and seek health services when they notice symptoms.

Traditional Authority Mduwa expressed concern over the outbreak saying the children affected by the disease have stopped going to school.

“We are encouraging communities to practice good hygiene standards,” he said.