Chilima condemns attacks on Burundians


Vice President of Malawi Saulos Chilima has condemned attacks against Burundians and other foreign nationals in the country.

Chilima, who is also leader of UTM Party, condemned the attacks at a press briefing in Lilongwe today.

The Vice President rebuked the behaviour by Malawian citizens saying it is bad and unacceptable.

“We Malawians are people that love peace and unity and love other people including people from other countries so we need to stop attacking the Burundians. They are people like us,  we need to respect them they have rights as well that need to be respected so I urge all citizens to stop the Xenophobic attacks on Burundians immediately,” Chilima said.

He further urged people to apply the law when dealing with people suspected of committing a crime and asked the police to ensure that there is peace and order.

Starting from last week, people in Lilongwe have been demolishing shops and houses belonging to Burundians after dead bodies were exhumed at a house which residents said belonged to a Burundian national at Biwi Township in Lilongwe city.

Some of the places where Burundian nationals have been attacked include Mchesi, Chilinde, Area 23, Area 24 and Kaphiri.

Meanwhile, police have revealed that the house at Biwi belongs to a Malawian national and no foreign nationals were involved in the killings.