No more forgery with E-Passport – Immigration Dept


The Department of Immigration and Citizenship Services says people will not be able to forge the E-Passports as it has been happening with previous passports.

Officials from the department said this on Tuesday when briefing the Parliamentary Committee on International Relations about the advantages of the newly introduced passport.

The department said that E-Passport will also improve the reputation of Malawi.

“The new passport has a chip that stores information on the bio-data page and has security features,” said the department.

However, the Committee raised concerns over high costs imposed for one to get E-Passport.

The Immigration Department reacted on the Committee’s concerns by saying that the cost matches the guarantee of the item.

“Security features that cannot be forged are not cheap,” said the department.

Meanwhile, the Immigration Department has extended the phase out period of the machine readable passport to 12 months in order to manage the transition.



  1. I dont think you know what you are saying
    “no more forgery”????.

    If its been made by Humans, it will always meet other more efficient humans.

  2. Ma passport sakukweza bwino waboza la dpp payamba paja inal k15000 kukweza mpaka k45000 pano k90000 uku ndikuba bas .palibe chilungamo apa

  3. Ma passport mukukweza koma ukatangare musiye aku immigration. Ku Mzuzu

  4. Chitukuko chikumutondani apa mbwe ma passport ndiko mwati musangire ndalama uchindele pera aaa mwawanthu muli ma satana imwe

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