Not only Tay Grin can afford a BMW: Dan Lu buys it for his new bae


Afro pop icon Dan Lu is making headlines in the entertainment circles having spoiled his girlfriend Katerina Mzima in a fashion that is beyond the reach of a mammoth Malawian musicians.

Dan Lu has managed to buy his fiancé a luxurious BMW vehicle, as a birthday gift.

In a Facebook post made the previous day, the sweet banana hitmaker shows off the present.

“You are such a beautiful woman, humble soul! You deserve the best of everything,” reads part of the caption which accompanies the image of Katerina as she admires her new car.

Commentators have said this should motivate other Malawian artists to aim high. They believe most local artists get satisfied with meagre returns and eventually cease to work hard.

“I like this! This is motivational. Other artists should get motivated by Lufani. He is a hard worker he deserved more than a BMW,” said a commentator who opted for anonymity.

Malawi is one of the countries with a developing entertainment industry. Musician who enjoy the fruits of their efforts mostly work with international brands. Musicians like Tay Grin, Lawi and Gwamba are doing well, thanks to their international connections.


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  1. All the best dear Lufani and your partner… I love your music indeed
    we WORK SO HARD kkk you are just leaching to my heat when listening to your songs. Keep it up

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